Support Legislative Issues

New York Hygienists’ Political Action Committee

NY-HY-PAC is a separate organization from NYDHA and was formed as a political action committee.  The objective of the PAC is to raise money that is used to contribute to various legislators’ campaigns, particularly those that are sympathetic to the issues of our profession.

Political action committees are a fact of political life.  Legislators we support financially are those that we count as “Friends of Dental Hygiene”.  Therefore, we must look to ensure their viability in the legislature.

Are you aware, not only within New York State but Nationwide, dental hygiene is being challenged?  Challenges we face include issues such as educational standards, scope of practice, access to care and the professional future of dental hygiene.

In order to maintain and improve the standard of our profession, it is imperative that we are visible within the legislative arena.  We encourage you to get involved with political issues on both the state and local levels forming collaborative partnerships in advancing our goals.

Your continued support is vital to legislative success.  Annual dues are $15.00. Any and all donations will be accepted as well.  Your dues help support the investment you have made in becoming a dental hygienist.  Never before has your contribution been more important than it is today.  You do not have to be an ADHA member to join. All registered dental hygienists are encouraged to join.  We thank you in advance for your generosity and support of dental hygiene.

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